Friday, 4 January 2008

My 'Best of...' list for 2007

Best meal : 2007 was the year of the noodle soup in my world. Every bowl i had was the best meal i had this year. Except perhaps for the one in Thailand that gave me the five second warning (when your stomach gargles and gives you five seconds...). Warhol was onto a good thing.

Best food experience of 2007 : My first som tam in Bangkok. Hot damn!

Best Mix : I'll cheat here and say this Cut Copy mix i only got a few days ago. Its phenomenal, and way better than any other mixes i heard this year, except perhaps that disco mix by DJ Eli (i think i posted the link earlier in the year), but that was recorded five years ago so it doesn't count.

Best Election win : No, not JayZee, nor Kevin Rudd (new Labour Australian PM) but the ex-newsreader Maxine McKew who beat John Howard in his own electorate of Bennelong leaving him without a government to run, and not even a seat to sit in. Loser.

Best phrase or exclamation : Shityeah!

Best t-shirt purchased :

Best book : I finally read Vernon God Little. What kind of fucken life is this?

Best TV Series : Summer Heights High

Best podcast discovered just after the end of 2007 but was started during 2007 : The Erol Alkan podcast.

Best purchase of 2007 : Stopover in Thailannnn.

Best sale of 2007 : My surfboard. Surfing is the crappest sport ever. Behind golf, of course.

Best haircut of 2007: Nicole at Scar. I now get my hair cut by these clowns, and while they give you a beer while you get your hair cut (it's a Tooheys New though, which is only just a beer), the place is just propvol of fashion tragics and i feel retarded for having my hair cut there. Ja, ja Phil, i go there because i can't face spending $75 for the (cheapest) cut at Toni and Guy, where everyone is equally tragic.

Best Film of 2007 : Into the Wild.

Best musical rediscovery of 2007 : Spending hours watching Youtube videos of live Morphine performances. Sandman R.I.P.

2008 has big shoes to fill. Shityeah!

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Dr Phil said...

That is a beautiful hour of music. i haven't had house on repeat since 1999.