Tuesday, 31 July 2007


Congratumalations to Dr G - yes it is official, Greg is now known formally Dr Abramowitz as he has recieved his PhD. Phil you will have to give up your Dr Phil status, eventhough you don't want too. Grek - hopefully you will pull off the cap and gown better than this lady and that your degree will not be written in Russian. We will be celebrating on Saturday once you are back!

Friday, 20 July 2007

RJD2 live at the Webster Hall, NYC

Me & Stu were at this gig!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

My first B+W film

See below random pics from my first B+W film...
Cambodia B+W

Knysna and Misc. B+W

You know those stupid questionnaires that get sent around in emails (and now Facekak) where you answer a whole load of personal questions about yourself, so that your friends can laugh behind your back at your childhood crush (I see you Phil!). Well, because i have fuck-all else to do, here is a pictorial journey through my deepest and darkest...

My hero :

My new partner in crime:
(you have to have been at Mary's party, and have a reasonable knowledge of contemporary hip-hop artists to understand this)

My best friend :

My "I would consider turning gay and spending a night with this person if they were gay and fancied me" person:

My childhood crush :
(wtf was wrong with Archie? Betty was so much hotter than Veronica anyway, AND she wasn't a bitch)

My teen crush :

My adult crush :

Favourite character from the Goonies (No Phil, you're wrong!) :

My first kiss :

(it was an intense and thankfully short-lived affair)

OK, this is pretty stupid, but if someone can find the time (anyone else unemployed and bored shitless?) you should do one too, only make yours funny...

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Samba and Curry

Had the most amazing night on Tues! Went to a Samba gig and was told I should pay the proper respect as I was witnessing Samba royalty ;) The group are called Mangueira and apart from being the name of a favela in Rio (I think) they are also supposed to be the top Samba band in the world. Now being pretty much a samba free zone until now I couldn't tell you if they really are the best, but they certainly are amazing and fun! Felt like being in a mini carnival. Sexy Brazilian ladies shaking it on the floor, mad percussion and a whole gig in Portuguese so I understood nothing :) But I loved it!! Tuesday is the new Saturday you know ;) The pic doesn't really do it justice. One should really use a camera to take pictures rather than a phone :)

Last night went and had the customary cheap curry in Brick lane! It was Yummy! Then went to a cocktail bar that was just gorgeous. Think Zingara type styling but with a more oriental feel (oh and some weird anatomy diagrams on the walls next to the boar's head :D) even got free cocktails! All in all its been a great week!

As for the news you have all been asking me about... the dreaded interview. It was a veritable disaster :) And this is not just a "kerry disaster" as some of you have put it. It was the real deal. Anyway, I am actually really glad it went badly. Sparked off a whole weekend of contemplation along the lines of "why when my commitment to this is questioned, does it fall flat?" Kind of reached the realisation that I don't want to study film for two years in London. Also reaching a (very scary) realisation that I might want to jump off the film train all together for a while. Long story, but the basics are pretty simple. I want to do something more contributive (is that word?), something more worthy and less greedy. So the idea is to get back to CT as fast as SAA will let me and rethink the life plan. Hey if I could work for an environmental NGO and make doccies on the side my life would be complete. So anyone know any NGO's looking for a great project and logistics manager type person? :)

Now for most of you this is irrelevant but for Tals: Saw Janey yesterday and met the baby Edward :) Here they are. She send her love. (Feel like evryone else has had a chance to put baby pics up in the past :) ) Speaking of Baby pics... Anyone got any new ones of Liam!?? Claud???

Something random

Something fun for those not on dial-up

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Ms Fraser is in the money!

I just wanted to give you guys a heads-up that Alex has just received ANOTHER scholarship for her studies from some rich philanthropists, God bless 'em. So bladdy congratumalations!!!!
Ew, that Daddy Warbucks and Orphan Annie picture is creepy.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


OK, I´ve arrived in Beunos Aires and finally have something to say. Watch this space Greggles I´m gonna post some stuff soon. But I ain´t budging until you post that photocopied image of your unemployed ass on the blog. We discussed this...come on now... you know it will spark some discussion.

Monday, 2 July 2007

New York !?

Only in New York....

I've just got back from watching Rodrigo y Gabriela at a gig in Central Park. Was pretty crazy.......

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Jo Ma se Coffee Shop!

Yes, it the middle of Laung Prabang, is JoMa's bakery and coffee shop on Sisvang Vong Road (my favorite Laotian road name especially if you say it very fast...) and the make excellent coffee and a really nice cup of early grey too.