Wednesday, 18 July 2007

My first B+W film

See below random pics from my first B+W film...
Cambodia B+W

Knysna and Misc. B+W

You know those stupid questionnaires that get sent around in emails (and now Facekak) where you answer a whole load of personal questions about yourself, so that your friends can laugh behind your back at your childhood crush (I see you Phil!). Well, because i have fuck-all else to do, here is a pictorial journey through my deepest and darkest...

My hero :

My new partner in crime:
(you have to have been at Mary's party, and have a reasonable knowledge of contemporary hip-hop artists to understand this)

My best friend :

My "I would consider turning gay and spending a night with this person if they were gay and fancied me" person:

My childhood crush :
(wtf was wrong with Archie? Betty was so much hotter than Veronica anyway, AND she wasn't a bitch)

My teen crush :

My adult crush :

Favourite character from the Goonies (No Phil, you're wrong!) :

My first kiss :

(it was an intense and thankfully short-lived affair)

OK, this is pretty stupid, but if someone can find the time (anyone else unemployed and bored shitless?) you should do one too, only make yours funny...

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