Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hey Tals..

Hot enough for you???

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

or not...?!

ok, so I was trying to put the link in for infecting the city festival... no love.

check out

check it out....

Monday, 26 January 2009


I understand Jozi was a little cloudy making it difficult to see the magic this morning. So here is my only vaguely decent picture taken through an xray of Dan's foot :) apologies for the quality.

Apparently the next one is in 2016 :)


Sorry we couldn't celebrate yesterday properly with you and all the crew in jozi but hope the picnic was great!

Recipe for a perfect Sunday

1 x sunshine
6 x friends (add more or less to taste)
1 x beautiful mountain
1 x mexican cafe with:
2 x jugs of margheritas
1 x mixed platter including chilli poppers

Take sunshine, mountain and friends and combine slowly in a walk
Once well-mixed add mexican cafe ingredients slowly and let marinade

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Someone call Pitchfork

I took a break from eating this afternoon and recorded two two new tracks that i made on my Korg DS-10 synth emulator. The first is a slow techno number that will be burning up dance floors over in Deutschland. Record labels listening to this - holla at me!

The second I named after my lunch, and I'm sure you'll agree its easily as good as anything those pretenders Auge and de Rosnay have ever done. File under 'Bad outro'.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Eyton Rd - the performance

Hi peeps...

I'm bringin my show to Cape Town.. book soon!!!!


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Phil turns 'too young to love hollandaise sauce' today!

It's Phil McCavity/McKrekin, Philimon, 2-beer Phil, Phil-me-up-Phily's birthday today. He's turning 29 i believe. Thats pretty young for someone who sent me an email today boasting that last night he made hollandaise sauce and it was 'not too lemony, not too thick. i'm fucking amazing'. Will somebody PLEASE take Phil out drinking tonight so that he doesnt try poaching eggs, or making meringue.

Oh ja, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Philimon. Buy yourself a beer from me (invoice me, i'll have my secretary sort you out).

Sunday, 11 January 2009


Werd. Dunno about the title, just had that word in my head today.

So as Kerry said, we went to 'First Night' which is the first night of the Sydney Festival where the organisers put on a whole load of free concerts over multiple stages all over the city. Last year i caught the end of Chromeo, and a very shitty performance by Spank Rock (though to be fair, their sound sucked). Anyways, this year, they had some pretty big acts, including Mr Scruff, A-Trak, and Grace Jones (so like, shes a diva, but her music sucks!). Still burping up dumplings and eggplant, Kerry, Ros and I ran up to Hyde Park to catch Santogold, who ROCKED THE PARTY. She also didnt lose her cool when people threw glo-sticks at her and her dancers (apparently thats how Australians show appreciation for free concerts). She was super stoked to be playing the gig it seemed (or is a great actor) and slammed through almost her whole album (and some of the stuff she did with Diplo) in about half an hour. We had to push through throngs of pilled-up boguns to get close to the stage (and stand in some recently ejected vomit) but it was totally worth it. She was great. Pics by KP.

Anyways, after that we headed over to the 'mature young adults and oldies who still smoke weed' stage where the Dap Kings were playing some steaming funk and were about to bring on Sharon Jones. Now, when i say Sharon Jones is ugly, it doesn't mean she isn't sexy. As it happens she actually isn't sexy, but she sure thinks she is, and that makes her really entertaining to watch. She also has a beautiful and powerful voice and loads of stage presence, so she totally rocked that stage for about an hour. She ever brought some douche onto the stage (she was going to sing to him) but he jumped on stage, did a collar pop, and started strutting around like he owned the place... so she booted him off the stage for disrespecting her and her band!! The crowd applauded LOUDLY. Sharon 1 Douchebag 0.

If you're in Singapore this weekend - holla at me!

Of bloggers and other animals

Near Montague
Dec 08/Jan 09
City slickers go to the farm....

.. and found at the local junk store....

First Night

January is Sydney Festival Month and as any good student with no money should, we headed off to First Night - the free one :) Stages in the parks and people all over the city enjoying the free music and performances. Greg is going to do it more justice with all the pics soon I am sure but I just wanted to get a little word in (naturally, never one to let it slide eh kez?). So I am going to do the pre show with a significant nod to the best chinese food I have ever eaten - I usually avoid the chinese offerings in Sydney but with Greg at the helm (been sailing too much so scuse the related jargon) we were treated to amazing "fragrant eggplant" that both Ros (a family friend) and I are looking forward to for a lunch snack left over.

The end of the holiday is rapidly approaching and I am suffering from severe back to school jitters and mild panic, mostly during dreamtime :) But it has been such a good break and so lovely to catch up with Tal, Claud and Greggles! Gonna miss you all again.
The pics are a jumble of the trip to see the girls and first night revelry

Friday, 9 January 2009

My resolutions... sorta

Mine are a bit vague this year.

1 Sorta maybe start thinking about learning zulu.
2 Keep my job (or maybe not... ja, I dunno)
3 move house. Buy stuff for house. Try not to freak out that I own furniture.
4 complete my recording set up (Been on the list for 5 years now)
5 Sort the band out and play a gig (even if we have to use a drum machine)
6 Sort out my finances and start to save (unless of course i find something really cool to do with the money, like a rad holiday or sumfink.)
7 Get Phil to admit that he really loves the new Kings of Leon. ( I heard it blaring out your car when you were driving off last night)

Thursday, 8 January 2009


  • Keep it simple
(and in the spirit of keeping it simple)
  • Get a job
  • (to fund) Lake of Stars
  • Get a worm farm
  • Get fit again
  • Continue the Cape Town love affair
  • Get a dress for the big wedding (:D)

Made me lag

I dig cats. And music. This pic came from, which has yet another cover of Paper Planes. That must be why the kitties are upset. The the one in the middle is obviously visualising Maya's face in the camera lens. Reeeoawr.

My resolutions are:
  • Never again to trust a software vendor's promises, even if said vendor is not Microsoft.
  • Be nicer to people. Smile more.
  • Be less nice to opposing counsel. Scowl more. Or play dumb.
  • Make more fun of the Sandton gym uber-douche (I'm going to gym a lot at the moment).
  • Make banks compete (this might appear on next year's list).
  • Start a new hobby (whiskey collecting is right up there, furniture gathering a close second).
  • Save more money (for the honeymoon).
  • Read more novels (Paul shot man The White Tiger is radical).
  • Play better squash.
  • Play more squash.
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • Worship at the church of Erol Alkan (his latest podcast, The A-Z of Erol Alkan, is also radical).
  • Go to the Wanderers test to see us thrash the Arsestraaayians.
  • Buy new shoes.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

New Years Resolutions

So in the spirit of Greg's last post my resolutions are....
  • Earn more money ie get a job - cash is king
  • Find a new flat - living at home at 30 is just not cool....
  • Wear more sexy underwear according to Phil and Cosmo
  • Run more
  • More yoga
  • Knit more
  • Go to lake of stars not only for the music but for the wedding of the year
  • Make matching crochetted yulmalkas for the happy couple

Ha ha ha! Heres to 2009!

Happy New Year to you all x

Monday, 5 January 2009

New Years Resolutions

  • Braai more
  • Blog more
  • Fish more
  • Read Pitchfork less (haters get me down)
  • Find a new flat
  • Make more mixtapes
  • Go to Lake of Stars
  • Run a race
  • Make some music
  • Make detailed plans for Vietnamese noodle soup restaurant in Cape Town - coming winter 2012!
  • Finally tie the knot with Philimon
  • Take more photos like this:

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Top 8 of 08

Happy New Years Baby (counting crows)... So this is the New Year (death cab)... and those are the only two New Years lyrics I can think of today and neither song is particulary optimistic :) I do have a good feeling about 2009 and am looking for more Happy New Year lyrics if you got em.

OK, Top 8 - anyone wanna play? Categories are negotiable

Breakfast: The Frog at Empire Cafe
Film Performance: Heath as the Joker (we all know my heath favouritism and to be fair I have seen maybe two films this year so he didn't have a lot of competition)
Album: Kings of Leon, Only by the Night
TV Series: State of Play (mini series, but I think it still counts?)
Place: Beaverlac
Drink: G&T (old school, but classic :))
Book: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (ok, so I have read it before, but its rediscovery was just as good)
Relief Moment: Ringing the Bell and handing in the dissertation

Happy 09 kids!