Monday, 14 January 2008

371 days till George Dubbya Bush has to step down!!

And other reasons to celebrate today: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

Since no-one else is gonna.... ;D


Kez said...

Have a great day and night Dr Phil!
enjoy dinner and the rest of you birthday! Found this online:

January 14, 2008
Happy Birthday
Today ...

Riches of the material world come easy to you, but the treasures of friendship, family and love are even more precious. In fact, those are the three main reasons you work so hard.

Your Capricorn Horoscope:
Consider all ideas twice before you just blurt out what you're thinking, for impulsive expressions complicate any situation today. You may not actually mean what you say; it's just your way of blowing off some pent-up feelings. But someone could interpret your words more seriously than you intend. If it's really important, you may be better off waiting a few days until you have a better plan.

chat later

Dr Phil said...

Hey I almost ever mean what I say... Eish. Something to work on then.

Greg said...

I love you.