Saturday, 5 January 2008

Best of '07...

A bit late I know, but here goes....

Best achievement: Completing Bob Dylan's Chronicles. It took me 3 reads, so just edged out getting my CA.
Best Hikes: Inca Trail and the Grand Canyon
Best City visited: Buenos Aires
Worst Place visited: Puno in Peru. So fucking ugly and the people suck!
Best Live Acts: The Shins at the Electric Factory, The Rosebuds and Yo La Tengo at the Trocadero and the Arcade Fire at..... somewhere in San Diego.
Best High: Bolivia's finest
Best Beach: Lopes Mendes on Isla Grande, Brazil
Best Swim: Totem Pool
Best things about North America: The bridges
Best Street: South Street, Philadelphia (it'll go back to being long st next year)
Best clothing label discovered: Felix (thanks Eubel)
Best Book: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (to keep the Jonathan Safran Foer theme going)
Best Restaurant: Lolita in Philadelphia. A Mexican BYOB (doesn't have a liquor licence which is pretty common there). Took along a big bottle of tequila and they made us great margaritas. And the food was SO good.
Best Oppikoppi Experience: When the drummer from the Dirty Skirts stage dived and nobody caught him. I missed a lot of the Cmon and Kipsky set to catch it, but it was worth it!
Best songs: The National - Fake Empire, Kevin Drew - Safety Bricks, Feist -, Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass, Andrew Bird - Plasticities, Tokyo Police Club - Your English is Good, LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great,...... I could go on for a while
Best Dancefloor Track and Best Music Video: Justice - D.A.N.C.E

Worst Band: Gogol Bordello. It's like Corne and Twakkie doing Balkanology. Funny to see, but shit to hear.
Best Broadway Show I watched: The Producers (Only broadway show, but very good nonetheless)
Best Exhibition: Kentridge at the Goodman Gallery. Seriously mind-blowing.
Best Near Death Experience: Kerry's Hash Brownies. Mind blowing in a more literal way! Cycling down the World's Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia didn't even come close.
Best Super-Power gained from said near death experience: Telepathy

Here's to a good 2008.

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Greg said...

Jesus, it sounds like those hash cookies were crazy!