Thursday, 3 January 2008

Kerry's Best of 2007

Best Live Act: Arcade Fire @ Glastonbury, Salif Keita @ Spier and C'mon and Kipsky @ Oppi Koppi
Best Music Discovery: too many to mention, but i will a few, Feist, National(can't remember if that is actually an 06), Knife, Young Blood Brass Band
Best Book: Everything is Illuminated
Best Film: Lives of Others
Best Swim: Totem Pool at Beaverlac, Clovelly in Autumn
Best Cupcake: From Lazari on my Birthday
Best New Tradition: Beaverlac on New Years Day
Best Hike: Kalk Bay to Hout Bay
Best London Moment: Samba club
Best Sandwich ingredient: Feta and Herb Dip
Best Chip Flavour: Doritos Fusion (the red packet)
Best Wedding Crashed: (Gary's mates from London) Ed & Bianca's wedding in Drakensburg
Best Wedding: Brigitte and Jeremy's
Best SA Discovery: It is a close call between Nieu Bethesda, Rustlers Valley, Golden Gate and Drakensburg. We live in a beeeoootiful country

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