Friday, 4 January 2008

Jay-Zee's new charges

OK, I need one of our more learned friends to tell me if we should be worried or not.
Do we think this could get really messy?

What is it with the defense team claiming that the timing of the charges is strange, at Christmas time when "everyone is at rest". Last time I checked the charges had been looming in one form or another since two years ago. and how convenient that Mbeki can now be made a scape goat, and that COSATU and the Youth League have been positioned as ZUMA stalwarts. Or am I missing the point? (which is also likely :))


Paul said...

No Kez, don't worry.
If they had only charged him it could've got messy. But now that they've SOOOPER-CHARGED him everything should be fine.

Kez said...


Dr Phil said...

Charging with racketeering is the new and big one. I also like the charge of withholding info from parliament. But it's all up to shit, and i'm over it. Either the NPA charges half the cabinet, including Mbeki, or they drop the whole thing and move on. It's so obviously a seriously mis-managed political campaign against one guy. No matter how true the charges may be, still leaves a bitter taste. Pah!