Friday, 4 January 2008

Helen's Best of 2007

mmm Best of 2007. I've had to have a think about this one, especially since most of my best of's - Kerry has already used. So not sure if these ones are all applicable to 2007, but they are what I have discovered this year. Oops it is quite a long list!

Best Day out: Butterfly world, followed by sharing a lazy lunch under the trees at Bread and Wine in Franshoek, Haute Cabriere, chocolates and great friends
Best New Album/ artist I've been introduced to: Feist, KT Tunstall,
Best value for money lunch: Pick n Pay canteen
Best Purchase: my ipod
Best High: hash brownies
Best concert: 46664 ( the patriotic atmosphere not the music) and Jose Gonzalez
Most embarassing moment: finding myself in fishnets and a raunchy air hostess outfit selling cold over priced hot dogs in the Zingara Tent while Freshly Ground performed ( on more than 1 occasion!)
Best wine tasting: Waterford wine and chocolate (and it is so pretty!)
Most arbitary accomplishment: being able to navigate myself around the streets of Jozi
Best Art: William Kentridge exhibition
Most surprsing cultural find: The Taal Monument in Paarl ( it is actually very cool. see pic!)
Action with the most serious(and unknown) consequence: frollicking in the canola fields with Alex and Sophie - followed by spider bite infection
Best overseas visitor: Talya & Alex
Most missed Birthday Party: Paula's Fishhoek bash
Best 30th Birthday party: Simon (Camillas boyfriend) on a houseboat in Churchhaven
Series most addicted to: Greys
Best Bookclub: the one we started this year
Most enlightened discovery: Kundalini Yoga
Best movies: The lives of others, As it is in Heaven, Enconters Documentary Festival
Proudest moment: Saying goodbye to waitressing after 11 years (well almost) and climbing up the ropes on Lions Head (twice)
Best new weather experience: thunderstorms in Jozi
Most Challenging: entering the world of work in South Africa 5 years behind my peers
Best new life philosophy: living in the present and not in the past
Most memorable moment: learning to communicate without words


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