Thursday, 3 January 2008

Keep the dream Alive

Never fear Greggles, Kerry is still here. Facekrack will not kill our blog if I have anything to say about it (I do realise I may not, but I have never been known to keep quiet for long)

HAPPY 2008-and-great TO YOU ALL!

As I do not have any pics of the new years revelry i am borrowing from Hels' selection of our little camping expedition to Beaverlac in the interim:
The Great Gazebo Debate: poles numbered 1 to 6, hmm any ideas?

Who goes camping without tent poles?? Thank god for a tree and some rope eh?

Eubel and his mushrooms

This game of rummy got heated, a massage was the winning prize and it was hotly contested

Yoga under the aforementioned gazebo

Totem Pool's distinct rocks


Paul said...

Only pussies need tent-poles!

Greg said...

I admire your tenacity Kezzah, but it's just you and me against Zuckerberg, and lets face it, those American Jews are well connected. I'll fight the good fight though, even if i have to pester people into posting.

Alex said...

I am fed up with facekrack too and promise to be a better blogger in 2008. xx