Monday, 21 April 2008

Study Avoidance

Firstly, I should apologies for my absence of late... And i know studies are a poor excuse. So inbetween ecos exams (thanks for the help Phil) and accounts tomorrow (paul, expect calls later) I am going to tell you all about my exciting little adventure on Clovelly beach on Friday night. No not that kind of story.
Anyway, we took Gary's flatmate's dog for a walk, I think it was actually me that the boys were taking for a walk, I needed some fresh air after days of sitting in our study cell. [For those that don't know my school used to be the old Breakwater prison, and our study rooms are actual cells, the humour is endless at the GSB]
Anyway, back to the beach. It was full moon so lots of light and while we were walking back we saw...... Is it a dog? Is it a cat with a limp? No its a Cape Clawless Otter!!
[For some reason I cannot post a pic grrr, so here is the link to a pic:]
Thank god the boys were there to play David Attenborough, I was all for the cat with a limp theory (until it went swimming). It was so cool! I have heard rumours of them coming down from the vlei to the beah, but must be honest, I always thought that was a bit of tale to keep Kerry guessing kind of thing. So we sat and watched him play in the surf for a while and then got out of his way as he clearly wanted to head home and we were scaring him off.

OK, I think I have managed to make that experience into far more than it probably was... But I am in full study avoidance mode :)
Bring on Friday and a week of freedom please!!!


Alex said...

Wow! I think that is really cool. I saw a fox crossing the road the other morning.

Paul said...

Kez, I spent the whole night by my phone just waiting for the opportunity to debits, credits and the fundamentals of capitalization. But to no avail!
Hope the exam went well. And good luck with the rest of them.