Monday, 21 April 2008

Chag Sameach!

And sincere apologies to our furry Jewish friends for forgetting Pesach on this here blog. Jewish holidays were such a thing at Westerford, what with us gentiles not having access to them and all. On the other hand, this was perhaps a small price to pay for the well-documented gastronomic difficulties associated with that east-European delight, MATZAH! (Brendan revelled in providing comprehensive accounts of his Pesach experiences).

However, should you be feeling the need to Jew-out, here's a wonderful matzah-ball soup recipe for you, from that great website Cooking for Engineers. They note there that matzah-ball soup is affectionately known as Jewish Penicillin.

And if that wasn't enough for you, some important trivia from Wikipedia, via the International Federation for Competitive Eating: the world record for the most matzah balls consumed in one sitting belongs to a gentile. Joey Chestnut (not necessarily pictured below) apparently ate 78 - that's right, seventy-eight - matzah balls in, wait for it, EIGHT minutes. Mmmmm, delicious!


Greg said...

I would be impressed, but every Jew knows that all matzah balls were not created equal. I bet he couldn't eat 78 of my late grandmothers matzah balls (especially in her later years, known around the pesach seder table as 'the stone age'). If you goyim love pesach so much, why don't you try some gevilte fish? Or those things that look like donuts, but taste FUCKING AWFUL??? Don't forget to wash that down with some prune juice, and then have a little more matzah with... oh hang on, NOTHING goes with matzah! Eating like a jew ain't easy, i swear you're missing nothing.

Greg said...

That kosher kitty is damn cute though.