Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Eina pein!

Manufacturing performance at its worst in 5 years.

That settles our little debate then...! 2008 ain't gonna be great.


Paul said...

Dude, if you're talking about the last debate we had on manufacturing, I was just saying that the powercuts aren't gonna have as detremental an effect on manufacturing as some doomsday predictors were saying. This article starts by saying that manufacturing was low despite a low level of powercuts and production was higher in January when there were lots of powercuts. It then implies that powercuts are a big factor.

We can handle a downturn. It's just shit when you think that there's no chance of the cycle turning back up until 2013.

I concede that all the other issues are gonna make for a tough 2008. This market is crazy at the moment. The whole market has been up today despite this production data, falling commodity prices and the Rand/$ strengthening to 7.8. Probably optimism re Zim.

Dr Phil said...

Just winding you up my guy.

Where does the 2013 come from? A 5 year downturn?! Haai vok. Whether or not we can handle it depends how one defines 'handle'. But I agree that our macro shock absorbers have never been better...