Sunday, 20 April 2008

The Hard Sell

On Saturday night, after a painful Pesach seder, i tried to ignore my rapidly constipating colon and rushed over to Luna Park to catch the DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist Hard Sell Tour. I'm too tired to go through all of the brilliant shit that they did, so you should watch the clips below and then buy the dvd, but rest assured it was brilliant. 2 hours of ALL NEW material (no filler from Brainfreeze or Product Placement), recreating a whole load of de la soul tracks from original samples, recreating their own stuff, scratching metal songs on turntables hanging from their necks, this show had it all. Oh ja, and awesome visuals. Cut Chemist looked tired as hell too, so kudos to them for doing the whole thing in such high spirits. 

Some videos ...
The Intro:

Some rad part of the show (watch out for the cameras mounted on their wrists!)


Dr Phil said...

that slower version of the breakestra bit is rad. i've never known where the original comes from. and what's the track b-boys are supposed to recognise?

Greg said...

Its not thaaat slow, and i have no idea what the b-boy track is, but then i'm not a b-boy. I cant fins that picture of you in London Philimon, i'm quite upset.