Friday, 20 March 2009

Zuma vs. Mbeki, round 57

Ok ok so it's looking increasingly likely that Zuma's charges will be dropped. We kind of always knew that would happen; the chances sky-rocketed after his court date was pushed beyond election time. There's no way the ANC would ever let a sitting state president stand trial for graft.

But that's not the interesting part. The interesting part is the media's half-baked guesswork as to why the charges will be dropped (apart from the rather non-specific meta-reason above). The M&G claims, in a story entitled "What Zuma told the NPA," that charges against Zuma ought to be dropped beacuse Zuma has evidence that could bring down lots of others. His principal target is of course Comrade Thabs. If I were a fearless state prosecutor able to operate beyond the reach of grimy politicians, I would not drop charges against Accused Number 1 just because he shows me there should be Accussed Numbers 2-48 on the charge sheet (which we all knew should have been the case from the start).

Would you?


Greg said...

Dear Harvey Dent,
Being fearless is one thing, being dead is another. I dont think there is anyone of those implicated politicians that would be above having someone knocked off to save their own ass. And lets face it, there would be enough powerful people (even if they werent involved) happy to keep the whole thing quiet if it saves their hide. Maybe i'm being a bit dramatic here, but i think you'd be hard pressed to find someone with enough bullet proof jackets.

Dr Phil said...

I didn't say it wasn't a big IF.