Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Salman and me, we's TIGHT!

Salman Rushide slams Slumbum Millibum, and tells it like it is here.

In other news... I'm moving! This might not seem like huge news for those that dont have to find accomodation in the retarded Sydney real estate market, but to find an ok place for a price that doesnt cripple is something of an achievement. I have a garden now, so i can finally have a braai! SHITYEAH!

Check out my charming cottage here (it loooks better in person). Oh, and the only way we managed to secure a lease was by offering the blood sucking leeches, AHEM, real estate agents, more than the advertised price. If it keeps people out of Sydney, bring on the recession I say.




Dr Phil said...

dude that's round the corner from where you are now. It does indeed look like a "charming cottage". Nice pine tree.

Are you staying on your own?

Alex said...

Very nice - I like the fact that not only do you have an outside bar and gazebo but a wishing well - just what every charming cottage needs!!!!

Alex said...
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Greg said...

Thank youse thank youse. Ja, its down the other end of King street from where is tay now -the 'edgy' end (rough). I'm staying with an actor named Tim. Nice dude, and was well impressed when i told him i was related to Anthony Sher. I cant wait to fire up my Weber. YESSIR!