Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I was reading a music blog the other day when i came across this tasty Amazon marketing ploy that lists your artists favourite artists. Naturally, i tracked down Tunde Adebimpe's (from TV on the Radio) entry, as i am a shameless whore to pop culture, and I MUST own EVERYTHING ever touched by ANYONE from TVOTR. What? he thinks Deerhoof are the greatest band in the world??? Well I had better find their album then, hadn't I? Its a pretty obscure band, and a pretty obscure album and wasn't nearly as easy to get hold of as i had expected, and to be honest, i wasn't nearly as entertaining as i had hoped. I mean, its not bad, but the shrieking J-pop vocals are a bit much after a while, and frankly, they are not a patch on TVOTR. The punchy guitar work is pretty cool though, and its worth a listen, just don't spend sleepless nights cursing yourself for not even having heard about the band that Tunde Adebimpe from TV on the Radio thinks is the best band in the world.

I rarely take music recommendations from other people anyway, because i usually find the music tainted by my view of the person that recommended it (shallow, i know). That's not a problem if i really like the person who recommended it and respect their taste in music, but if i know they know dick about music and own even one of the 'Now that's what i call music' tapes, then I'll only be disappointed, even if the music they are recommending is really good.

ANYWAY, this whole situation reminded me of a comment DJ Eli made on his blog a few months back about a Tears for Fears album that he reckoned was 'flawless'. Yeah, i laughed too, until i managed to pick up a copy (mint condition - $8!!) a few weeks back, and gave it a listen. It's awesome. Perhaps not flawless, but definitely worth owning in whatever format you can get it. That's a recommendation from me, but don't let your dislike of my changeable and snobbish views on music influence your decision to listen to (and love) the The Hurting by Tears for Fears.


Dr Phil said...

deerhoof is cool for like 5 seconds. then you are just very releived you didn't pay for it.

Greg said...

But i DID!