Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Zulu Surf Riders

I think some of you will know Carlos Francisco. He's going out with Melissa Budge. Anyways, we went to watch a doccie last night that he co-directed called Zulu Surf Riders. It was screened as part of the Encounters festival.
It was really cool! despite being shot in 7 days on an almost non-existent budget. I guess the content is sort of self explanatory, but its about these young Zulu guys who have started a culture of surfing in their comunity in Umzumbe on the South Coast. See the clip below, and the website here

ZULU SURFRIDERS extra from Carlos Francisco on Vimeo.


Alex said...

Very cool.

Dr Phil said...

ya dammit i didn't make it last night....! but it's showing again. paul and helen there are documentaries to see... we should maak n plan.