Wednesday, 18 June 2008

ANCYL gets worse

Never say never! Julius Malema (below), erudite, wise, eloquent successor to Fikile Beebopalula at the top of the ANC 'Youth' League, is actually worse that his former boss. I am sure no-one could begin to explain how this is possible, but Malema was Mbalula's pick, so maybe it isn't so puzzling.

At his first major public outing as the new Prez of this fantastically useful organisation - a Youth Day rally in Thaba 'Nchu in the Free State - he encouraged folks to take up arms if Zuma goes to court. Opposition parties and NGOs have gone ballistic, and Malema has subsequently argued that his statements were not irresponsible and do no incite violence, because the prospect of a Zuma trial remains remote. Eh, what? So the integrity of your public utterances are time-dependent?

Even the ANC itself has 'expressed concern'. After all this happened soon after their Western Cape provincial secretary, Mcebisi Skwatcha (another venerable chap) was stabbed in the neck (he survived) at a recent ANC Western Cape meetinng in Worcester. And let's not forget the ANCYL's April national conference circus, where Malema was 'elected' - some claim he stole it. Reports suggested that certain venerable delegates (we shall call them 'elements') disrespected showed their asses to ANC leadership, other ANCYL presidential candidates, and basically anyone they disliked. Chairs and other objects became multi-purpose tools of protest.

The ANCYL is supposed to produce cultivated early middle aged people to fill posts in the ANC's senior leadership, and maybe eventually even run the party. The ANCYL was established by Madiba (check the cool youngster below), and has for a long time produced precisely those kinds of people.

But fokkit these ass clowns of recent times are something else, but no-one seems to care. Mbalula nabbed an NEC post at Polokwane because he backed the right horse. And the ANCYL seems to me these days to be little more than a finishing school for the easily tempted, ethically questionable, politically ambitious leech...

Nelson must be wondering wat die fok gaan aan.


Alex said...

Great - just what South Africa needs is a call to take up arms. What has he just done an internship with Bob? Hmmm.

Greg said...

Are you a racist?

Alex said...

Am I a racist?

Dr Phil said...

Ya greg why is Al a racist?