Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I been sick; and Vavi is a doos

Sorry - this happened on the weekend or late last week (it's all a blur) so I'm sure you're all aware. BUT IN CASE YOU AREN'T, Zwelinzima Vavi is even more of a rotten douchebag than Julius Malema.

Shot for the cartoon Paul - Zapiro better hire some protection...


Paul said...
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Paul said...

Dude, are you better yet or still trapped indoors?

It's scary. Neither of them understand what they did wrong. Just as JZ was astounded to here that people were chanting Umshini Wami while murdering foreigners. They can't see the link between a call to arms and a violent society.

So it seems that the country is going to have to finally tackle the question of how many people actually belive in democracy and how many just believe in power and will use democracy as a guise if that is what it achieves.

Did you see that before Malema's kamakazi claims he was saying that Zuma will give the youth proper jobs, not jobs as petrol attendants or shopkeepers? I'm not sure whether to read this as under a Zuma presidency we are going to have no shopkeepers, or that we'll just have to rely on the middle aged to man the tills?