Sunday, 22 June 2008

Snow in the city

We've just been having snowball fights in Newtown and hanging out on the Nelson Mandela Bridge.

The snow of course was fake, and it didn't last that long seeing that it was fifteen degrees outside, but we had fun anyways.


Dr Phil said...

looks awesome! pissed off i couldn't make it.

Paul said...

It was cool. Particularly for Jozi. There was quite a mix of families from in town and from the suburbs, which you don't get very often. The turnout was a bit too good though.... the queues were crazy by 12. So hopefully they'll make it bigger and better next year.

Alex said...

FIFTEEN DEGREES! That is SUMMER here - no more complaining about how cold Jozi is.... You don't know what winter is! Our high today is forcast at 13 but the fucked up thing is that it is only dark at midnight now - for real!