Saturday, 23 December 2006

Nieu Bethesda

Howzit! Christmas christmas christmas christmas. So people prolly won't be checking this blog. Nevertheless, I thought I'd let you all know that I spent the night in Nieu Bethesda on Thursday - we stopped over on our way down from Johazardousburg. Dorp is about 50km from Graaf Reinet in the E. Cape. Pretty much in the middle of vokkol. Has about 900 people, 850 or so of which live in the township just outside the central district. Yup, apartheid even made it to little places that have no tarred roads, and that only got electricity in 1992.

Nieu Bethesda is famous for the Owl House. Dotty Miss Helen, who was born and died in the same house, started major alterations after losing her second husband. She liked coloured glass, cement sculptures, and weird knick knacks. Oh and the Mona Lisa - 4 different framed pics of her in the house. Anyway she topped herself in the 1970s - the town has ensured that everything in the house has remained more or less as it was the day she died. It's bizarro world, onetime...

Check it. And Merry bladdy Christmas!


Paul said...

Wierd place dude! We must've crossed paths on the road, cos I was in Colesburg on thur on my way to Jozi. Yip, i was one of those crazy fuckers going towards Joburg jus before xmas.

Greg said...

Ja man, looks like a cool place, but who was that guy doing Blue Steel in all the photos? Kind of ruined the "vibe" for me... Merry Xmas to you (and Steve and Sheila!)