Monday, 25 December 2006

And lets not forget Paula's Birthday. This year a boerewors, paptert, koeksuster braai. (mixed with a lot of alcohol (when would her parents ever have drunken that bottle of sambuca hidden at the back of their booze cabinet?) and cheesy music, the use of props from their fishoek home, coupled with a drunken (naked i may add) DJ who refused to get out of Paula's bed. To welcome in the xmas season, mary and I performed an impromtu musical presentation along with drum beats etc. Lara managed to capture it on video, i'll attempt to attach it. Consider it our 'xmas card'.

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Dr Phil said...

Drunken naked DJ? Wtf? That quiet guy with the aviator shades? What's with all the nakedness this silly season? If it must happen, can we keep it to girls please?