Monday, 11 December 2006

Better late then Never?

Hello All!
Well its taken me forever but I am finally composing my first ever blog post (comments don't really count, I know)
Been in complete shoot mode for the past few weeks (which as some of you know makes Kerry all work and no play and therefore a very dull girl). Back in the office today for the dreaded "recon" [dum dum dum]. This is the business end of the shoot and the biggest anti climax you can possibly imagine; trawling through invoices, receipts etc etc for days on end. But at least the hours are back to office time and the pressure is off a little. We wrapped last Thursday and so followed the scheduled madness that is a wrap party. Can't say I am a big fan of the wrap party institution, generally as I have to organise them and arranging transport for a group of crazy drunk crew is never fun... Suffice to say, I think everyone made it home after dinner and more cocktails than most of us can handle at Cape To Cuba in Kalk Bay. Well some of us didn't make it home - we just moved the party to one of the crew's houses in Clovelly til sunrise...

The rest of my weekend was spent in a rather fluffy haze, combination of sleep deprivation and hang over, although far more emphasis on the former surprisingly. However I did make to Spier to Saturday afternoon to see Neo, Mafikizolo and Salif Keita play under a beautiful, vast African sky. It was incredible! Think Kirstenbosch with ten times more sky and 1/4 of the people with music that just makes you want to dance. Salif Keita's band blew me away and a bit of dancing in the sun was just what was required to blow the production blues far away! Helen has some pics I think, so Hels if you get a sec would love to see them!
Although one thing was noticeably missing, so Al I hope you have arrived safe and sound and looking forward to catching up with all your adventures soon!

OK, back to work... next chapter: Stencil drama as I try get all the Mr Men and Little Misses ready for Saturday :D


Dr Phil said...

I am so unbelievably jealous you saw Salif Keita live. And equally pissed he doesn't appear to be coming to Jozi. Although I haven't looked around much to verify such accusations. Alls I know is that you bladdy Shlaapies are underserving!

Alex said...

Missing you too chicken! Love Al