Monday, 18 December 2006

Digital photography

Howzit almal.

I'm no expert photographer or anything, but I found this article lank interesting. It's about Nikon's new cheap-o digital SLR (US$600), and how it's basically as good as anything... Check it.

And y'all have yourselves a merry merry christmas! Even the Jews.

The Doctor.

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Greg said...

That article was interesting, but $600 US is actually only about $100 less than the most basic Canon digital SLR which is around 10MP. When you think that part of the selling point of digital photography is the longevity of the digital images (unlike prints that fade, or negatives that may degrade or get lost) and assume that printing technology will improve with time, paying the extra hundred bucks for a camera that will maybe not be obselete in a few years, AND can take pictures that can be blown up to larger prints doesnt seem unreasonable.