Sunday, 27 June 2010

can you tell that i'm in work avoidance mode?

(i.e. in that you're getting a whole bunch of inane posts from me)

But. I had to share some of my experience of watching the world cup here in the U.S.A. I had promised the people involved in this story that I wouldn't post anything about it on Facebook. But I didn't say anything about blogs.

On Saturday, I sat down to watch the USA / Ghana game. For a split second, I felt a little torn about who I should support. Whilst my loyalties obviously lie with Ghana, I think the US doing well in the world cup is generally a positive thing. This round, the bars have been unusually packed for every game, all matches are broadcast on free television, there were even a couple of people blowing vuvuzelas. I think that having this country actually compete with countries like Ghana, and realise that they might not win, is good for their psyche.

Having realised that it would be even better for the national psyche to just get beaten by Ghana, however, I warned all the people I was watching the game with (exclusively Americans), that I would be shouting for the opposite team, they being the last African team left in the tournament. To which a friend responded. "Well, I mean, now that we have a black president, can't we also be considered an African team?"

That aside, it was this particular friend's wife who made the most phenomenal comment during the game. She says: "hang on, why is that Ghana player wearing a U.S. jersey?" To which we responded, "you mean one of the black players on your team??" To her credit, we had been drinking an awful lot of beer, prosecco and high-school style mixed alcohol punch; and immediately after saying it she was extraordinarily embarrassed.

Back to writing about criminal procedure for me.



Kez said...

:) Almost compares with the comment I got from a white SA boy while watching the game (quote not direct but general sentiment there):
"You're supporting Ghana?? But you speak english..."

Dr Phil said...

ya there's been plenty of that. read niren tolsi's mainlining the rainbow article in last (this) week's M&G.

at least whiteys in SA are getting into Bafana a bit. the PSL still sucks ass and I won't watch much of it, but I will take an interest in these players to see how they progress.

Greg said...

I have only met friendly Americans, even if they are a little racially backward. Much better than some of the eurotrash floating around.