Friday, 25 June 2010

update on my insane neighbourhood

This just in:

"We just returned from a wonderful week on Ocracoke. To commemorate the trip, I brought back a beautiful shell that I found while kayaking on Silver Lake. Well, didn't that shell sprout legs and walk across my desk at work two days ago. So much for reliving the relaxation of the beach. Turns out the shell contains a marine hermit crab that is now doing quite well in a makeshift "salt-water tank", despite being out of the water for several days. Basically, I would like to return him to the wild. I thought if there were any well meaning neighbors headed to Ocracoke we could try to catch a ride for "Rayburn" (my daughter named it). While I'm sure the crab would prefer his island of birth, I'm sure any tidal marsh would be preferable than his current tank, so we would certainly consider other locations. The crab would, of course, be willing to cover his share of the gas money.

Thanks for considering,

P.S. I am fully aware that one should not remove living things from their
natural habitat and, rest assured, I will no longer be taking out the
inanimate objects either ."