Friday, 12 February 2010

You ma se poes in a vis paste jar

I'm sure y'all haven't missed all this

Or this

I'm still not entirely sure what I think about it, but this really, really cracked me up (imagine clicking on the link whilst sitting in a US law school, surrounded by sea of polo-shirted wankers). Made me spit my diet coke all over my fancy mac.


Dr Phil said...

What does 'ternative' mean?

So Fran is Die Antwoord really gaining any traction over there? Heaven help us!

fran said...

It seems they indeed are.

Check this out:

Holy fuck.

Alex said...

I am not sure about this... Definitely am not about to become their fan on face crack anytime soon.

Greg said...

Yeah, I mean I 'get it', but for me the music doesnt match up to the aesthetic. Looks fucking great though.

Also, is the author sure that Durst and Perry actually get the joke? I've read lots of stuff on the internet in the last few weeks that suggests that americans dont actually get the gag - even the usually astute Lords of Apathy folk were fooled...

Dr Phil said...

What joke has LoA missed? They're right on both counts. It's shit music, and one is left speechless (I can attest to that from Oppi last year).

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Waddy is making some waves outside of SA, despite him apparently being a giant tool. But I do struggle to appreciate any of Die Antwoord's musical offerings. Yo-Yo-Yo-Landi's voice is particularly painful to have to endure live.

Dr Phil said...

Besides, I'm pretty certain this whole thing is more than cultural parody. But inot because he really is that way or takes the Ninka persona too seriously (they live in Kalk Bay don't they, with a kid?)

The rational part of me says he's a fuckin astute businessman who's seen the potential Fokof managed to tap in the afrikaans market, and has lined his work up nicely to take advantage. (Ninja introduced Fokof at Oppi last year, and shared the stage quite a bit with Jack Parow (who works with at least one Fokof spinoff) during Die Antwoord's show.) The afrikaans music-buying market is pretty lucrative by all accounts.

Greg said...

Dont be a hater Emcee Krekin. I dont think even Waddy would argue that this is a money making scheme. I vaguely remember seeing an interview or something with him a few years back where he said that the only reason he resurrected the Max Normal concept was to make money.

My view is that the guy always comes up with fresh ideas and sounds like nobody else. SA music has for so long been a cesspool of biters and same-sames, and i really think that his work should be applauded, if not celebrated.

Sure, the music this time is kak - so dont buy the cd (I know I wont) but at least recognise the value in it, whether he is doing it to make a few dollah or not.

Dr Phil said...

ya but what is the joke are you referring to? Like i said I don't think it's cultural parody; he's not doing it because white trash is funny like corne and twakkie (check those rhymes beee-otch). He has a massive afrikaans market now, and he takes it very seriously.

(i don't begrudge him any money moking either - my point was that this is serious business for him, not an elaborate joke at the expense of poor whites in vanderbijl park).

Kez said...

goodness - what a dialogue kids... All I know is people are all a-flutter and I just can't help thinking its kak.watching them walk through Gardens PnP with kid is a sight and she drives me mental.
Pitchfork has got SO many people talking about it. And who is DJHiTek?

Greg said...

Dude, give the Afrikaners some credit... are you honestly suggesting that his 'afrikaans market' really believe he thinks of himself as a ninja/lives on the cape flats/is best friends with the little street urchin come emcee from up the road/just happened upon his (and his fellow emcees') hipster haircut/has really professional looking music videos by accident etc. etc.

Korn were appealing to angry, dirty teenagers with no role models. Waddy is appealing to hipster afrikaners with no rappers to support (besides Jack Parow).

Dude, the flapping willy thing, the terrible raps, the next level beats... IT'S A JOKE MAN!

Dr Phil said...

Have you been to Oppi? Die Antwoord has a giant chav following who talk zef, act zef, are zef. And, most importantly, who do not see any joke in being trashy, obnoxious, angsty, etc. Just like chavs.

This is precisely why Fokof was so important. Fokof was/is an outlet for all those young panel beaters, probably with racist parents yearning for the good old days, who feel out of place in a new south africa that does not exactly celebrate the afrikaans language or culture. Fokof was all about saying fuck you i'm working class afrikaans and proud of it. Die Antwoord is doing exactly the same, albeit with much more theatrical hijinks. But the underlying message, with which many young saffas identify, is the same.

In my humble opinion.