Monday, 22 February 2010

I was wrong

And I'm prepared to admit it. The BLK JKS album 'After Robots' is actually really good. I still think that it was poorly produced, and flags a little at the end, but it is a great album. My favourite track of theirs is from the Mystery ep though... this video is cool, but it doesn't really do the searing solo at the end justice - buy the cd.

And this one is my second favourite track (some serious OH&S violations going on here)


Dr Phil said...

dude you've been trying to like the album for months. any record that hard to penetrate isn't that good.

Greg said...

Dude, I only bought the album when i was in Cape Town. I had the 4 track ep before. Anyway, I played Summertime to you when i was in Jozi and you liked it until i told you it was BLK JKS.


I rest my case your honour.

Dr Phil said...

Firstly, one song doen't make an album, and secondly, you actually introduced it as hey check this blk jks track i totally dig it. in fact you've like that song for ages. are you confusing it and the whole album, or are there any other tracks worth trying to listen to more than once without frowning or wincing or wondering, quietly, WTF is this and why am I bothering?

All that said they make for a pretty rad live show (when you aren't sitting down) and i'm bummed to be missing them this friday at bela vista. specially since i got to chatting to two of them at kitchener's in january and even bounced a smoke or two. yeah son i'm hip!

Greg said...

No i didn't! I played the song without telling you what it was on purpose! Anyways,the full album is really good, there are 3 or 4 dud tracks, but the rest spot on.

Dude, stop being a hater and just buy the album (Musica was selling the full album packaged with the ep in a 2 cd set). Even if you dont like it, just think of it as doing your bit for SA bands (and US record labels).