Friday, 5 February 2010

Gideon Rachman really is my favourite columnist

"The global financial crisis has changed all that. At this year’s Davos, the western delegates seemed depressed, defensive or even mildly deranged in the case of Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president. After listening to Mr Sarkozy’s passionate attack on financial capitalism, one Russian participant was overheard saying that he had found the experience pleasantly nostalgic. He remembered hearing many similar speeches in the Soviet Union."

More here.

And apparently Nic Dawes's editorial on the latest Zum-aga (that's my new word for 'Zuma saga') this week is very good, but isn't available on the M&G site yet. Needless to say, Helen Zille is alienating people again by inflaming a culture debate she'll never ever win. Just keep it simple Helen! He's promiscuous, and most people don't like that, no matter what their background is. Klaar.

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Kez said...

yeah, for a smart woman she is coming across as particularly un-savvy... Get some lobbist group, journo or other affliate to make the statements, they cannot come from her. Her limelight need is getting in way