Friday, 19 September 2008

Telling comments

From Simon Barber, reviled SA journalist cum SA-championer in the US. Not sure why so many hate him. He looks a bit like Tony Leon and is super pompous. But he's pretty smart too... And I think he's right about the US election. Obama ain't gonna win...

"Some Democrats have been shocked to discover McCain is serious about winning. They assumed he understood this was a Democratic year and would go honourably through the motions like Senator Bob Dole in 1996. Wrong.

"McCain did not have to wait for pointy-heads at Yale and Duke to tell him how far he and Palin could push the envelope veracity-wise. They are knife fighters who will stab with populist one-liners, against which honest paragraphs will be no match in Pennsylvania’s Deer Hunter country, where the race may well be won or lost."

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