Sunday, 28 September 2008

The Alternative

Jeezus! If these clips don't make you scared shitless (right after you have laughed your ass off) then you weren't paying attention. If the good Doctor McKrekin is right, and I believe he is (mostly because he is not the only person saying it) and Obama does lose, then may the good lord help us all. The western world is gonna get served! SON!
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Watch CBS Videos Online


Dr Phil said...

ya she's a nutbag. jon whathisface from the tonight show had some brilliant stuff on her a while back.

but they needed some red meat for their hard right voters who otherwise wouldn't get off their couches. mccain doesn't seem to like her much, so hopefully he'll engineer her replacement after he wins, if he wins. which i think he will.

when are you in japan sionara-san?

Greg said...

From about the 20th of october for a week. Booking flights tomorrow hopefully.