Monday, 8 September 2008

Crossed the line?

Either way, I'd hire extra security until April 09 if I was Mr Shapiro.

In other news, Reuben's seems to have opened in the Post Office centre in Illovo. No I'm not talking about a franchise outlet for the Reuben's in Franschoek. If memory serves the Reuben's I'm thinking of (with the black and white signage) served good coffee and sandwiches that were the shizzat. Pastrami on rye anyone? With horse radish and pickles. Yes please! I'm going next weekend. Hope they haven't messed it up.


Greg said...

Where was the origional Reubens?

Dr Phil said...

i can't remember but i recognised the signage instantly. black backgroud white writing all italicised. maybe it was only in jozi. who knows. will report back once i've had a sarmie there. the one review i read so far wasn't glowing.