Thursday, 25 October 2007

in order not to get Evicted.....

Once apon a time there were some hungry swans who lived in St Margrets Loch on the side of a hill in Hollyrood Park...

Please may I have some more bread?

No Mr Swan, you go away and ask Kate for some bread.

Hmmm, bread! I am so starving I might even eat a pigeon!

Help! They are so hungry that I have to hide behind a bench!

And the moral of the story is that "A full swan is a happy swan."

God forbid I get evicted by the meglomaniac who is running the blog! Sorry I have been super busy - student life is hard, but have been finding time to explore the city with Paula.

Kate, Paula and I went for a walk up Aurthur's Seat last Saturday, fed the very hungry and friendly swans and came to the conclusion that we were all very unfit.


Dr Phil said...

jeez those are some big.... merrells.

Greg said...

Fantasties! You have bought yourself some valuable time. I am glad to see Paula took more than just a towel to wear in Edinburgh.