Sunday, 28 October 2007

anyone see black book?

My first post in a long time.

Sorry guys, FB (or rather facebook) has taken over for a short while. But I'm back!

And with that, I'd like to find out if anyone else has seen the movie Blackbook? I did tonight with Helen. And I have mixed feelings. Mixed because I feel there was an agenda for having this movie out.

And that's all I'm saying for now.

Onto other things.. Franny, looks like you're having an excellent time! nice one sister!

I've got one more week to go and i'm back in Melbourne. It's been a bumpy, rollercoaster, fabulous, mad, confusing, joyous and unsettling time being back in the land of the cape.
A beautiful city with so much going on. And then at the same time, the same stuff that's been going on for years. Same same but different.
I look forward to coming back here one day and having my kiddies. But don't you all get worried, that's a long time in the future...!

I'm signing out now.

cheerio, tot siens, sala kakuhle


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