Friday, 12 November 2010

Hey guess what Sotyu hadn't done any research

General: Minister’s racist judiciary claims shot down
The accuracy of a second statement by Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu in support of her argument that the judiciary is racist has been challenged. Sotyu was quoted this week as saying: ‘it is a fact that the judiciary is not transformed. The whites are still the majority (on the Bench).’ A
Volksblad report notes that statistics provided by the Department of Justice and the Magistrates’ Commission show that her claim is not true. In 2009, 45% of the country’s judges were white, while 43% of magistrates were white. Sotyu caused a storm this week when she claimed white criminals get lighter sentences. It later turned out that one of the cases she used as an example to illustrate her point had not yet been finalised.
Full Volksblad report


What an awesome person to have co-running the Police Department.


Alex said...

I love wild sweeping statements by politicians, they just make life so much more interesting and without them the news would be really dull.

Greg said...