Sunday, 24 February 2008

Rome vs Bangkok - the eat-off is on!

48 hours in Rome and how much can you eat while fitting in all the sites as well? A lot. You would think that as a coeliac there would not be much for me to eat, as Italy is the home of pizza, pasta, panini (a lot of things starting with a p), but you are wrong! Oh how there is delicious food to be found, and find it I did!

First stop at after arriving at 9:30pm was to see the Trevi fountain lit up at night and to eat the best sorbet in Rome - honey, lemon & grapefruit - I could see why this place was world famous, then off to bed as an early start awaited me.

Another bit of berry sorbet to keepUp the next morning and after a latte standing up, Italian style it was off to the Vatican to join the cues of people and tour groups to see the Museums and Sistene Chapel - which was worth it. me going on my wanderings towards the center of Rome and off to the Via Condotti, home to the real Armani and Versace and then on to the Spanish Steps. Workers cafe for a lunch of roasted artichokes and mushroom risotto. Fantastico! Then off to see the rest of the city and a bit of Ancient Rome.
Dinner was a plate of the most amazing antipasti - caramelized eggplant, thinly sliced courgettes, buffalo mozzarella. olives, peppers, calamari, mussels and baby clams. But the best were the very thinly sliced fresh artichokes marinated in fresh lemon & olive oil.

Saturday started off at Pepy's Bar for a latte and freshly squeezed blood orange juice. Real coffee - I am afraid to say that I was better than Australia...Sorry Mr Dench! Pepy's also serves Panini - "Panini Kosher" being filled with spinach & mozzarella! Then hit the streets to see the rest of the city, the Parthenon, Campo di'Fiori were there is a massive fresh produce market every morning and then after a prawn, rocket & olive salad off to see the rest of Ancient Rome before a last peach & blackberry sorbet and a bressola salad before heading for the airport and home.

Amazing to catch some sun, see Ancient Rome, walk and walk but unfortunately the Pope did not grace me with his presence. Maybe next time. Next round of eat-off - Greg, Khala Lumpur? Otherwise the rest of the pics are on Picassa


Greg said...

You're on!
I'm going to be sweating laksa and fish head curry by the time i leave KL... Thats sounds pretty gross actually, but i dont care.

Dr Phil said...

ya eyetie food is the shit. the european commission may continue with their grossly unfair farm subsidies, at the expense of developing country farmer, as long as their food stays that good.

dude when are you going KL?

Greg said...

Next week wednesday. I can taste the shrimp paste already.