Monday, 11 February 2008

Asses of Fire : the 24hr Bangkok Odyssey

I am ridiculously jetlagged, in fact, it feels like i am coming down off some kind of narcotic near-overdose, so apologies if this blog post is stupid, or makes no sense...

On the way back from the UK (Friday night) to Australia (Monday morning) a colleague Emilie and I decided to do a stopover in Bangkok, to break up what would normally be a 24 hour flight...

Sat 16:00 Spirits were high in the cab from the airport, until we hit the traffic that is...

Sat 17:30 We had booked an expensive hotel because we were carrying work laptops that needed to be secure, so we checked in, had a shower, and checked out the view from our room. Just outside the hotel as i stepped into a cab, i found myself in the middle of a sartorial war. On opposite sides of the parking lot i noticed that the Armani and Versace empires had opened two Bangkok outlets in direct opposition to one another. May the best tailor win.

Sat 19:30 Next stop the Khao San road, which is Thai for 'kak smelly backpacker hangout'. My cousin Beth from Sydney was there so i met her for a ripper meal at a place me and Alex found when we were in Bangkok (with the help of the Rough Guide). Banana flower salad, and deep fried kingfish with green mango and chilli sauce. Shityeah! Then some of the best pineapple in the world for desert.

Sat 23:00 After a few arguments with taxi drivers, we decided against a quick patpong ping pong show before bed, and headed back to the hotel for some sleep. Pity my body was still on UK time, half an hour of sleep isnt really enough.

Sun 07:30 Breakfast on the Chao Praya river. Dont let the dark, overcast sky fool you, its 35 C and humid.

Sun 09:30 The Royal Palace. Holy crap, thousands of Chinese tourists (does anyone know how to say 'Stay the fuck out of my magic circle you foul smelling woman!' in Mandarin?) and serious heat makes for pretty painful sight seeing, but it was impressive nontheless. (Check out the scale model of Angkor Wat Alex!)

Sun 11:30 We head to the city for an early lunch at the best place i ate at in Bangkok when i was there last year. Alex has subsequently confirmed that it is considered the best som tam (green papaya salad) place in Bangkok. Anyway, the 5 km journey took almost an hour in the Bangkok traffic, and by the time we got there there were about 20 people waiting outside, so we had to grab our lunch off the street and douse with chilli (to get the true thai experience) and head back to the hotel chop-chop.

Sun 14:00 back at the airport, still havent slept, can't put together full sentences.


Dr Phil said...

Cool story. My 49hr trip back from Delhi via paris was similar, except we couldn't leave charles de gaulle airport for 11 hours. So it was actually not similar, and much kakker. I have to go present to the Union of Jewish Women in Houghton now. May your God be with me. Jagshamesh.

Alex said...

I am so jealous!!!! I need some real chilli in my life and Asian food. Glad you took full advantage of your trip and get some sleep.
Take some sleeping pills as I found those were the only things that got me to sleep before 4am.
Chat to you soon. Peace out!

Greg said...

I hope you lead the women through a chorus of 'Throw the Jew down the well'.