Monday, 19 November 2007


Thanks KEN - for reminding us where are roots are. yes. The roots of the old chestnut tree.... Hail Westerfordians indeed.

Please help me. The roots are starting to stangle me. And god forbid we acidentally forget to invite someone. Someone, anyone who actually wants to put money in our bank account. Two people have already tracked me down asking why they haven't received a treemail...

so I ask, i beg and I stand proudly aside DR Gibbon on stage and ask you to do a devotion (or anything that else that creates a shudder) please extend roots, leaves, branches and any other parts of your tree. and help us SEEK and SAVE the lost ones.

Please don't let me suffer in silence.(or let the tree die) I know that I have dug my own grave, but this is when friends really pull together. Isn't it? Isn't this, our friendships that have blossomed over all these years, the product of just that. SCHOOL. mmmm. Think I need to go water my plants. and do some weeding. Jou ma se tree

They were and they arethe lost ones(in no particular order...):

Adrian Meader
Alex Runciman
Alice Scudamore
Andrew Callanan
Anton Malan
Catherine Young
Chris Pryor
Claire Spottiswood
Craig Bezuidenhout
Craig Rynhoud
David Sharpe
Elinor Spiers
Evan Castle
Fakhrie Hisham
Jayne Hoare
Jo Daly
john Gamble
Julie Kenney
Kathryn Sieborger
Kelly Williams
Kerry AnnPalmer
Kristin Reynolds
Lesibia Montsitsi
Lethu Ncayiyana
Lundi Coetzee
Matthew Lilley
Megan Whitehead
Michael Manitshana
Natalie hurd
Nicole Erasmus
Richard Shephard
Robyn Saddler
Scott Mckenzie
Sherifa Bux
Tony Marks
Yunus Higgs

Nil nisi optimum? I have forgotten what it means.. Higher and Higher/ or was that maybe Greenfield Girls? something about a Lark flying high in the sky.. more green and more nature. mmm.

Hail to you all. Thanks Ken.


Greg said...

And the prize for the most tree related puns and metaphors goes to...

Nil nisi optimum = nothing nothing nothing but the best.

I still have contact with one or two of the truants, so i'll give them a nudge.

Greg said...
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Dr Phil said...

evan castle went to the jew school in standard 8, so he doesn't qualify.

shame helz I don't even recognise half these names... clearly these acorns fell too far from the tree.

Alex said...

Please could someone in Cape Town buy Hels a drink and tell here that it will all be fine. Hels it will all be fine. You are doing a great job! And if anyone is left out it is there own bloody fault for not keeping in contact with someone. And realising that they matriculated 10 years ago and that someone organised will be planning a reunion. Please how bright to you have to be. Good luck and go get drunk!

fran said...

hels, have you tried facebook-searching them? i tried typing a few of their names into the search function and it turned up results for some of them....