Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Whats hot, and whats not.

What follows, are some of my thoughts on what rocks about being unemployed in Cape Town : (these should be bullet points, but my little bullet point button has disappeared)

Cheap food - seriously, its not as cheap, or as spicy as Thailand, but good food is remarkably cheap here. God bless the Spur for setting a precedent for cheap meat.

Ice skating - I went with Kerry and my not-so-little brother the other day, and there wasn't a mugger or skollie in sight. I didn't need my dad standing at the side to make sure someone didn't beat me up for the 5 ront in my pocket. It was most civilised.

The Jam/Mercury Live - Its not the best venue in the world, and the acoustics kind of suck, but the crowd is EXACTLY the same as it was four years ago, and that kind of consistency is commendable.

Other unemployed friends - being in the company of others who are unemployed, and who appreciate it as much as i do (I see you Kerry, HOLLAH!) makes one appreciate it so much more.

The couch - While two naps a day may seem like overkill, i need the rest, and Movie Magic is not so bad these days.

OK, this post was kind of lame (and had no pictures, which is super-lame), but I'm just regaining consciousness after a long hibernation, so expect more regular, and hopefully, better written posts over the next few days. Anyone else who would like to join in and post something humorous, go ahead. I am thinking of instituting a Survivor-like voting system so that we can get rid of some of the dead weight on this blog (just kidding! kind of...)




Alex said...

Ok, I would like to remind the management that I am formally on blog-sabbatical as I can only maintain my site though I'm not sure how many people actually read it. But there is a link so I trust that people click through. Therefore I have the immunity idol and can't be voted out yet.

Brig said...

I know you think I might be the "dead weight"...but don't vote me out just yet (and yes Greg that is very good reverse pyschology for getting people post stuff)...I almost had a quiet few days at work and almost wrote something...maybe next week.