Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Pure gold

So Grek found this blog a while back. It's time to share it's brilliance. Greg may have held back over concerns that some of the ladeeez may take offence, but personally I cannot see why this might be. Unless one of you is dating or has ever been photographed with one of these Einsteins. Either way, hot damn it's worth it, because this is some of the funniest shit ever. EVER.

Be sure to check out the contestants for HCwDB of the Week for this week. Number one on your right. As explained by the genius keeper of this blog, who by the way takes pains to emphasise that he purveys his own special brand of douchebaggery, this guy embodies the essence of the DoucheBag.


Yes I am a little bored. But it's late and I'm tired of work and stuff.

The Doctor.

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