Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Well this is not good for Jozi

Some palooka(s) made a website called Best of Joburg, and proceeded to award Debonairs the best pizza in town trophy, Steers the equivalent for burgers, and wait for it, Mugg and Bean for coffee!

Now it may be that Famous Brands, which owns all three of these deserved winners, paid for the 'Best' of Joburg site. But the site itself says that these picks are the results of the Readers' Choice Awards of something called Leisure Options, which doesn't seem to produce anything to read. 

Anyway, assuming its all legit, as Joburgers are strangely ever-ready to do, this confirms, if confirmation was needed, that Joburg's white middle class is extremely and passionately committed to mainstream living.

Thanks be to Jesus they are in the extreme minority.



Paul said...

The award has been going for a long time, and is unfortunately well publicised. But it is a different Leisure Options.... it's a Caxtons thing. Look at their titles and you'll understand why these guys won.

Paul said...
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Dr Phil said...

I see. Ya that makes more sense.

It does still look though that the 'winners' in lots of categories were bought (sponsored ok!) and the real results of the votes placed in no particular order below them.

Greg said...

"Winner: Debonairs

At Debonairs, you can order a triple decker, which is basically three cheesy pizzas stacked on top of one another with filling in-between. "

Ain't that some shit! That sounds even more fucking disgusting than cheesy filled puff-crust pizzas with mayonaise (seriously, and they put it on before it gets cooked). Innovation in the retarded heart attack pizza concept has long been the domain of the US and Australia, but I'm glad to see we're catching up.

Dr Phil said...

We have the cheesy-weiner-in-the-crust pizzas, and more recently, the FRIKKADEL pizza (same idea but with meatballs). YUM