Monday, 4 October 2010

Banking as it should be

Since opening my Capitec account I have earned about R284 in interest and spent R199 in fees, including the R125 for the security code generator dongle thing. So actually only R74 in fees.

Admittedly I don't have my debit orders moved across yet (I'm actually waiting for the promised switching regime to be finalised because I want to test it - we asked them about 18 months ago to craft one) but I've done plenty EFTs and ATM withdrawals since March this year. And besides debits cost like R2.50 each or something.


Helz said...

I am the only one who has listened to Phil (and he knows banks)and joined the Capitec movement. I have moved all my debit orders across and will give you an update on my savings (once I have calcualted) but they keep paing me interest which is awesome. Capitec rocks!! and we are both winners!

Greg said...


Alex said...

Hmmm. But neither of you have home loans you need to move too.