Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The ANC's media wobbly is back

And I think it's entirely unjustified; the ANC should stop with its whining.

To recap, Gwede Mantshe yesterday complained that The Media (all of it, obviously) hates the ANC, and is ethically rotten. After proving this objectively to be the case, with thorough research, he quickly went on to make renewed calls for a Media Tribunal, to bring the counter revolutionary journos to book. He also said that the Press Ombudsman shouldn't be a former journalist, because the media cannot use 'one of its own' to judge when a journalist has erred.

In related news, ANC benefactors, the Gupta family, will soon be launching a new daily newspaper, called New Age. It will reportedly be more sympathetic to the ANC, poor darlings.

I for one welcome New Age, and hope it lasts longer than This Day and that other one that didn't last very long. In the meantime, I hope Gwede reads solid coverage of South Africa like this, and quits with the bleating. [Sorry if you can't access the FT - it's another good one by Gideon Rachman.]

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