Monday, 15 March 2010

two very important dates

So... 1st one: Scheibes's 30th:
bubbles and brunch at east fort - yummy!! Glorious day in the sun!
Scheibes's 30th

2nd one: Flamjangled Tea Party
If I was a trend watcher - this would have been my tip of the year! All those who follow "Kerry"s hot pics" would know ;) Didn't manage to get up for the full weekend but Paula and I did head to D'Ville for some chilled lounging, musing and swimming on Sunday. Cuban bands, kolo novo, Drag Queen Nun Mistress of Ceremonies, complimentary tea, cupcakes and lindt - amazing!!!
Think Kirstenbosch meets Alice In Wonderland :)
Flamjangled Tea Party March 2010


Greg said...

Happy birthday Andrew!

Dr Phil said...

kez did you buy ray bans? as in real sunglasses? I am so proud - you are you are growing up so fast! JUST KIDDING. But no doubting that turning 30 does weird things to one.

Kez said...

I know :) Had to - both my cheap pairs broke in exactly the same way within a week of each other. Went shopping and the only pair I found that I liked and fitted me were Ray Bans. Whole New World

Kez said...

PS - cannot believe that is the only comment you have :)

Dr Phil said...

well i was there for one and the other looks like fun, if a little gay. Dude whole new world is ray ban polarised. your next step.