Tuesday, 30 June 2009

City Power se moer; and Michael Jackson

No power at home since about 4pm yesterday. No hot water this morning. Not even at the gym. Was 1 degree at 6am.

Not. Happy.

In other news...

I'm only being nasty because there is no sensation in my fingers.


Greg said...

god is punishing you for making fun of MJ.

MJ was a beacon of light to us all, his songs sang to my SOUL of a beautiful world where all mankind loves one another and peace and prosperity is enjoyed by all the living souls of our beautiful planet whether white or black or indian or black but a little bit bleached by chemicals and you should respect his wonderful leagcy as that of a true child of the lord. Amen.

Alex said...

Come to Cape Town - it is warm and sunny today and we have warm water and electricity! See you on Saturday.

Paul said...

Ja, Helen's at home sick and the power is still off there. Her laptop battery is dead and her phone is about to follow... I think she's having the most boring sick day ever.

But at least in this weather you can just keep the fridge door open and nothing will defrost.