Friday, 15 May 2009

4am automatic

I can't sleep. I'm watching Jimmy Swaggart explain to me what the US should do about Islam. The book is over 70 pages! Go to

The reason for my insomnia is not jetlag. There was a fire on my floor, in 1116. I'm in 1106. Chicago is obsessed with fire. They had that really big one back in the day that took out a third of the city, and now there are more fire engines than cop cars. At least that's how it seems. There's a firehouse on every corner (almost); you hear fire engine alarms at least three times a day; and while walking around downtown I've watched two 'fires' being put out already. Fire trucks, firemen, streets closed off, the works. Big crowds gather in the street - just like in the movies. But both times I didn't see any smoke.

Anyway this morning there definitely was smoke (can still smell it), but no fire brigade! Weird. The place I'm staying - the Union League Club of Chicago (yes it's as stiff as it sounds, complete with dress code) - seems to have its own fire department. We had all these people running around banging on doors and ushering us downstairs while other guys ran into the burning room with giant extinguishers. Was pretty surreal.

Ok I'm tired.

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