Sunday, 23 December 2007

The best of...

One thing I love about the end of the year is all the 'best of..' lists. It's an opportunity to disagree with and pretend to know better than the obviously-uninformed taste of some high profile magazines, and also catch up on all those things you might have missed during the year. Particularly enjoyable this year was Time's list of the best online videos. Appart from being highly amusing, it also shows us that:
1)South Carolina's education might not be that much better than SA's,
2)Mbeki should've taken a lesson from Obama on how to do party-political infighting properly,
3)It's funny to see people get electrocuted,
4)The Philipines may have the solution to the lack of reform in South African jails, and
5)Kanye sucks, Daft Punk should never have anything to do with him again and they should rather opt to deal with anime characters and a pair of hands.


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Greg said...

I agree, 'Best Of' lists rock. I think we should all post our best of list. Each person can make up their own categories... Best Party, Best Album, Best smooch, Best 10 year school reunion party, etc. Best list wins a prize!

I will do mine tomorrow.